09 Aug 2022
It’s for Real! NOVAX Taiwan Establishes ESG Sustainable Development Office
It’s for Real! NOVAX Taiwan Establishes ESG Sustainable Development Office
In 1993, the United Nations established the "United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development" to oversee the promotion of sustainable development in various countries. This global trend has continued to this day, and the concept of ESG has become the hottest topic among local governments and enterprises. NOVAX Material Technology has been operating the AdBlue business since 2006, and regards “environmental protection” as the standard of enterprise operation. The concept of ESG is like the “gene” that has already been built-in NOVAX Material Technology from the beginning.

In order to strengthen the decision-making and execution power of the Sustainable Development Plan, NOVAX has decided to officially establish the "ESG Sustainable Development Office" this year. The President of NOVAX, Nicholas (Nano) Yang, will hold a concurrent post as the Sustainable Chief Executive Officer, and NOVAX’s Chief Operating Officer, Janformy Wu, as the Deputy Sustainable Chief Executive Officer, and Sales Manager, Janet Shiau, as the Project Manager. It is expected that from this year onwards, environmental protection actions will be vigorously promoted, and every link of the company's operation will be implemented with ESG as the goal, leading the industry to enter the road of sustainable development.
 Blue Sky & Green Fields Project: NOVAX Puts ESG into Practice
Too many companies shout ESG but only to end in vain. NOVAX wants to implement ESG heavily. actual performance.
 “Blue Sky & Green Fields Project” is the idea blueprint of NOVAX’s “ESG Sustainability Committee,” which purpose is to restore the polluted global environment to the blue sky and green fields as it was in the past. NOVAX’s plan for enabling the “Blue Sky” is by taking “air pollution purification” as the top priority, and devote in manufacturing AdBlue (Automotive Grade Urea) to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicle exhaust. NOVAX strives in establishing AdBlue dispensers, with a goal to reach total of 400 i-DEPOT (AdBlue dispenser), established at gas stations this year, allowing diesel vehicle owners to pump NOVAX AdBlue urea water everywhere throughout Taiwan, also contributing in reducing air pollution from diesel vehicles in an all-round way, and restoring the sky to its original clean blue.
The NOVAX’s “Green Fields” project focuses on energy conservation. NOVAX will launch various green product solutions, including: U-Power fuel pellets, which can replace coal by remanufacturing waste foam, and radiation cooling material that can reduce space temperature without power consumption. The above solutions have set a good example for energy saving, low carbon emission and circular economy; the benefits are very considerable. They are all new technologies that NOVAX Material Technology is developing and planning to represent. Today, all industries are moving towards the reduction of net zero emissions by 2050. In the future, NOVAX is determined to provide strong sustainable and environmentally friendly commodities.

With the establishment of "ESG Sustainable Development Office", NOVAX plans to issue official documents such as "NOVAX Sustainable Development Strategy", "NOVAX Sustainable Development Blueprint" and "NOVAX Sustainable Development Indicators." As NOVAX has its eyes on achieving various ESG goals, NOVAX also calls out to all enterprises to take environmental protection as their responsibility and create a friendlier living and development environment with NOVAX.

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